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A science kit where kids solve a mystery

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From The Laboratory Collective
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Kids become a character in a mystery game solved using science and puzzles. For ages 8+.

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Kids have screen-free fun!

Write in invisible ink, make fingerprint powder, create things that glow-in- the-dark, dissolve secret messages, test color-changing powders, find clues, solve secret messages, and more!

What's Inside

4+ S.T.E.A.M. activities and a story in each box!

-Story Cards
-Mission envelopes
-2+ science experiments with materials
-2+ codes, ciphers, or puzzles to solve the next part of the story
-Experiment cards with step-by-step instructions and scientific background
-Puzzle hint cards
Includes all materials for safe, clean fun.
You have just been accepted to a Secret Agent Boarding School for kids. Here, things are not as they seem. When you become entangled in a decades-old, unsolved mystery, it’s up to you to crack the case before it’s too late.

What People Are Saying About The Lab Crate

The Laboratory provides some of the most creative and exciting kids programming I’ve seen.
Jennifer H.

Best interactive lab and great for kids!!!
Maria K-S.
During this quarantine, they have put a smile on Ian’s face.
Azy P.

About Us

The Laboratory Collective is a unique, world-recognized kids’ science experience based in Chicago. Our camps and classes immerse kids in their favorite worlds, like Harry Potter, Zombies, and Secret Agents. Kids use science experiments to bring these worlds to life.
After hearing more demand for our classes, we created our Science-in-a-Box subscription so kids across the nation can experience our award-winning classes delivered to your home.

The boxes are created by a PhD Scientist and Reading Specialist who have worked with thousands of children across the city of Chicago. Their unique programs, combining interactive stories with hands-on science, have gained world-wide recognition. They have been STEM keynote speakers, chosen presenters at SXSW EDU, recognized at Falling Walls in Berlin, Germany, and honored as Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award Fellows.